The one to vote for when any woman will do

What this bunch of presidential preference primaries is going to boil down to is which is higher, the number and fervor of women who want to brag to their descendants that they voted for the first woman president and the number and fervor of those who want to brag they helped elect the first black president.

If Hillary Clinton is the Democratic candidate, she’ll be elected. Democratic party leaders don’t think so, which is why they’re promoting Barack Obama.

But the women will do it. Not because they think she is the best for the job but because she is a woman.

A New York Times story the other day said elderly women were flocking to her side. And for the reason I just told you.

One told the Times, “I want to live long enough to see a woman in the White House.”

That’s it, plain and simple.

Oh, not all women will vote for her, but more than you might think, just as a lot of Republican women voted for Democrat Dixy Lee Ray for governor here because they wanted to see a woman in the job.

They threw her out of it, of course, when she did things they disapproved of, but they put her there in the first place.

Once Obama is out of it and she has secur-ed the nomination, Hillary will get almost all the black vote, a good percentage of Hispanics and the poor and homeless, those who rely on the Democrats to let them continue living off the government.

Those rotten Republicans want you to turn a hand to get a handout.

How’s she going to overcome the challenge of Obama?

Just watch her.

She and Bill are the personification of Mach-iavellianism, whereby any means however unscrupulous can justifiably be used in achieving political power (Webster).

There will be nothing in the entire life of Barack Obama that the Clintons won’t know if they haven’t dug it up already.

Few of us lives so clean that there is nothing we wouldn’t mind having known, and when the Clintons find or manufacture dirt on Obama, it won’t have their fingerprints on it.

They’re probably the most amoral pair to ever occupy the White House. I suspect they’re the only ones who left there with a truckload of furniture for their new home in New York, which had to be retrieved by the FBI.

As a member of the Over the Hill Gang myself, I am not an admirer of Hillary. I’ve read too much about her.

She’s an enabler and conniver who overlooked her husband’s philandering because she was looking to her own future on his coat tails. She led the pack of Bill protectors who sought to destroy the reputations of his accusers.

A great many women demanded she leave him but she wouldn’t have left him if she’d found him in her bed with Monica.

He’s her ticket to any power she aspires to. If he dropped dead tomorrow, her political future would be over.

She, not Bill, ran that operation where they forced the FBI to hand over hundreds of confidential files on political figures.

She and her chief of staff, in testifying before a grand jury, couldn’t remember events nearly 400 times.

The Hillary we see during the debates and speeches is not the real Hillary who will emerge once she moves back into the White House and shuts the door behind her.

The real Hillary is The Wicked Witch of the West masquerading as the Good Witch of the North.

Is there no way to stop her? Only if they overestimate their ability to con black voters into believing they beat Obama fair and square, and disillusioned blacks sit out the election in retaliation.

As for Obama, if this isn’t his year, his year will come.

Adele Ferguson can be reached at PO Box 69, Hansville, WA 98340.

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