Why do we keep electing Democrat majorities?

Does Washington’s continued electoral habit of electing Democrats to power reflect something fundamental in our state’s politics, or merely the spurious nature of a lazy, uninformed electorate?

Are a majority of voters captive to traditions (“If the Democrat Party was good enough for Roosevelt, it’s good enough for me!”) or, over the past few years, has the “hate Bush” rhetoric reached such a level that it applies to all congressional, legislative, gubernatorial and county election vote-casting — at our great expense?

There is an element of irrationality to the continued election of those who promise to cut taxes and then dependably raise taxes after ruinously spending their budget surplus.

Or who vote into office those who pander to the continued slaughter of unborn babies, defend homosexual marriage, euthanasia, limitation of property rights, over-taxation of small businesses, immoral and illegal use of involuntary teacher’s union dues for politics, unionizing civil service, etc., ad nauseum.

Is tradition or hatred of President Bush so powerful that voters throw away their reasoning on where our true social interests are?

I think there are other factors involved. One is the Democrat Party’s great skill in taking ownership of ideas they previously fought to the death — until they lost.

It is an almost magical deception they have repeatedly performed. So, for example, the Democrat Party fought to extend slavery right up through the American Civil War, even calling for cancelation of the Republican Emancipation Proclamation, suing for peace with the South and legally re-establishing slavery in their 1864 political platform.

Subsequently, Democrats have convinced African-Americans that the Democrat Party liberated them from slavery.

Another lie is that the Democrats established Civil Rights Law(s), which was Republican all the way, until it prevailed over the entrenched objections of President Lyndon Johnson and the Democrat Party.

These examples are not exceptions.

The same Democrat reversal and usurpation is true regarding most of America’s labor laws, federal land and national parks preservation.

But we are uninformed in other ways.

Most voters have been brainwashed into believing homosexual behavior is genetic, when science has irrefutably shown this is not so (even by gay scientists). Most are oblivious of the fact that national social costs of this behavior are second only to costs to maintain single mothers.

We now even believe that global warming is due to man-caused CO2 rather than increased solar activity (almost 100 percent correlation over the past 110 years) and that thinning forests and clearing underbrush to reduce devastating forest fires is harmful to ecology, despite science that proves just the opposite.

We are threatened with “extinction” of the polar bear (prevalent during much warmer periods than currently) and ruination of Puget Sound, which is now cleaner than it has been for at least 80 years.

We seem captive to our entertainment, over-eating and our TV.

Soon we can expect to hear the Democrat Party claim victory in Iraq and in defending the unborn. And within a generation, our children will believe it.

Karl Duff is a Port Orchard resident.

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