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Facts twisted about Jan Angel

October 11, 2013 · Updated 9:14 AM

I am sick and tired of Sen. Nathan Schlicher, twisting different facts about Jan Angel to make himself look good. All that tells me, that he knows is to exaggerate.

The only agenda he has in mind is to, raise tax. He has no course that it is better than Jan Angel and he knows it. Why can we run a clean campaign on merits alone, oh he has nothing to fall on? So we must get dirty. And I am sure he is getting real good advise on this. That tells me he can’t come up with anything, no common sense, all he is a puppet for the Democratic party to pull his strings which ever thy want him to jump.

Angel has been in the ditches and knows what people think. She has show me the common sense, and vision that is needed for this job.

You need to put people to work, for one, but you also need to encourage companies to create jobs. Increasing taxes has the opposite effect. And hiring more state works to create jobs don’t get either, we need to monies back into the state treasury by having companies come into this state, and bring jobs. In the last two decades we lost a lot of jobs to overseas, because what over taxing, and making the cost of doing business un-profitable, so why don’t we have money for education, road maintenance, and improvement, bridges, law enforcement.

We take a ding in the Treasury we people get laid off, live off unemployment, welfare, etc. All this comes out the Treasury, and if you don’t have money in there, what are the choices? Increase taxes, or create jobs? Just look at the fuel cost at the gas pumps. Like or not our economy revolves around fossil fuel. When you drive the cost of fuel up, you drive up the cost living up. Fuel cost have a domino effect, in our economy, lower the fuel costs, more people can go to work, for one, and they have to pay less to go to work.

Why do you think the Unions and workers ask for a pay raise? When it costs them twice or three times more to go to work, then it did over 10 years ago, and there wages have not gone up enough to keep up that. Remember everything goes up, food also, people have to eat lunch at work also.

And you wonder why people working in fast food stores, are striking! Mr. Schlicher, keep raising the taxes in this state, pretty soon you will be last one in the state so please turn off the lights when you leave. But you have no concept what it will take to be a state senator, oh I know you been wearing the mantle, but remember the clothes do not make you one. In order for you to be successful, not just elected, you need to have some common sense.

Which you surely never have been unlighted with, when you have to resort, to the kind of campaign you are running, now that tells me you have nothing good to say, other than run a smear campaign?

Angel she is there for the People, she was there for the people when she was a county commissioner, even with the two other Democratic commissioners she looked out for the people.

Schlicher is all about the party. I do not vote for Jan, just because she is a Republican, far from it. I am voting for her because she works for the people, not the party, I have voted in the past for Democrats, if I thought that are representing the people and show me they can do the job like it should be done, Norm Dicks is and example. From increase of the large advertisement, and negative statements by her opponents, we know who has the special interest group in the pocket.

I even see Schlicher minions banging on my door, (by mistake) but they were wearing a t-shirt that did not have nice things to say about  Angel. At first I thought they were representing Jan. Oh no, I am for Nathan Schlicher than he quickly covered it, so I could not see all it said on it, but it was not in the spirit of fair play.

I have known Angel for many years, although I have never been close, I have watched how she he handled the office she held, and hands down, she showed to me that she has common sense, and knows how t use it.

Please folks, vote with your heart for Jan Angel, because she has you in here heart, the voters, and the people of this county, no matter if you are Democrat, Independent, Republican, or just someone that cares about their community, the community is our home.

John Lambert | Port Orchard


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