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If Schlicher wins senate race it won't be because he earned it

I would like to weigh in on the 26th Legislative District race for the state senate between Jan Angel and Nathan Schlicher. This time in our history, perhaps like never before, a vast majority of us believe that politicians are corrupt and self-serving and we would like to see them all replaced with just good ole fashion hard working Americans that love our country and want to serve her and maybe make a positive difference.

I think we have that opportunity with Jan Angel; as I review her resume I find a woman, a citizen, who appears to have those values and ethics of hard work and following the rules. She raised a family, mostly on her own. She has had some extraordinary hardships along the way but she has stayed the course, worked hard, received promotions along the way and made important job changes when she needed to, to better support her family.

She has served in public service now for a few years at the county level as commissioner and a few years as a representative for the 26th Legislative District. She appears to be qualified for the job of state senator and comes without a hidden agenda. She has experience and maturity and those unique qualities of faith and of truly caring for people with a desire to leave our world a better one – what you see with her is what you get!

On the other hand as I study Schlicher's resume I find myself suspect. Maybe he’s just a pawn and is unaware, but if that’s the case than I am certainly correct in my concern. His resume is an impressive one for sure with a degree in medicine and law, and I shouldn’t forget to mention his undergraduate studies were political science.

Although only 31 years old, he does have some work experience in the Emergency Department at a local hospital and is also associated with a law firm where I’m sure he contributes to the health care and insurance law practice. I am confident that he is well thought of by his colleague’s and loved by his family and friends.

But again, in these times of questionable political leaders I have to question his interest in politics – is it truly because he believes he has the right answers and can make that positive difference we so badly need in this country or is it because of the attraction to power and influence? I’m not sure, but as I ponder it I have to consider his linkage to Tom Steyer whose objective for power and wealth is well documented.

Steyer is a billionaire who markets himself as an environmentalist and has made it his hobby/mission to dump millions of dollars into political campaigns of those who can influence a decision on the Keystone pipeline (just to name one). The 26th district senate race is one such campaign.

I challenge you to research Steyer for yourselves – I suspect his true motivations will be exposed to you as they have to me. He is selling himself as an advocate for the environment and that is his reason for opposing the Keystone Pipeline Project. In my investigation of the facts I believe the Keystone Pipeline is good for America and bad for Steyer because it harshly impairs his personal power and future wealth accumulation plans. I’m confident that his true motivation is disguised as care for the environment.

What sells better? Advocating for a better environment or advocating for his personal desire for more money and power – you decide.

There is an abundance of evidence to help you determine for yourself that his interest is in fattening his own wallet and to do so he needs to kill the Keystone Pipeline. A strategy for accomplishing this is to contribute millions of dollars to various political candidates around the U.S. that may support its failure. One such candidate is Schlicher. I’m sure that Schlicher has detailed information on Steyer yet remains aligned with him. To me this implies he is either ignorant or unethical. In either case would you vote for someone like this? A real leader would know these truths and figure out how they could stay true to their own integrity. If Schlicher wins the senate race it will not be because he earned it, it will be because Tom Steyer purchased it for him. I even read that Mr. Schlicher confessed publicly that he is “beholding to his contributors” – well, a million here and there can make a person very beholding!

It’s this kind of questionable values that I believe have put the U.S. into this repugnant state of no true leadership.

Steyer is buying elections for his personal profit, which has nothing to do with the environment and everything to do with gaming the market. I hope you will examine it, and I hope you will cast your vote for Jan Angel!

Rosana Wallace | Port Orchard

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