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Stop taking my hard-earned money

February 15, 2014 · Updated 10:11 AM

These progressive liberal Democrats call to tax the rich and give to the poor and they think this is progress. I think it is theft via use of the vote. I am a middle-class voter and my standard of living is decreased with these huge taxes for the freeloading class.

In a study by Sara Binzer Hobol, University of Oxford, and Robert Klemmensen, University of Southern Denmark, it was discovered that welfare spending has a significant positive impact on voter turnout. More welfare leads to higher levels of voter participation.

This increases partisanship with the voter having an increase in perceived benefits of “party differentials.”That means voters who hate having their hard earned dollars being taxed will most likely vote for conservative Republicans. The freeloader, welfare class will vote Democrat.

The war on poverty was started by Democrat President Lyndon B. Johnson in 1965. Since it started, these welfare programs have spent in excess of $17 trillion. Poverty is slightly higher today than in 1965. Middle-class income is lower due to this transfer of wealth ( i.e. Obama Care) to the freeloaders.

Government has grown huge and unfriendly to the freedoms of the working middle class. Welfare has turned the “working class” into the piggy banks and slaves of the nonworking class. The Republican Party was started to abolish slavery.

I think it is time to stop these welfare/theft/slavery programs and thereby lessen the increasing partisanship and size of government.

Please vote for a conservative Republican and stop this welfare/theft/slavery the Democrats are in favor of.

Patrick Pettyjohn | Port Orchard


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