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Immigration laws limit funding education

February 16, 2014 · Updated 10:13 AM

For everyone's information, the U.S. has immigration laws for people wanting to enter this country and live among Americans as citizens of the U.S. It is irrelevant how illegal aliens (or is it more politically correct to call them undocumented Democrats?) arrive in this state or this country. If they are here illegally they are in violation of federal law.

Our state Constitution, federal laws and state laws do not authorize this state to accept every person that sneaks across our borders into this country illegally to rob, steal, murder, transport drugs, to get a house, food stamps, a drivers license to vote illegally, etc. or with the case at hand, a reduced or free higher education.

I’m speaking here of Senate Bill 6523 or any other bill that may pop up in this session now or in the future over illegal aliens. As it is right now —unless you can prove me wrong — this state has blatantly been promoting illegal entry into this country and specifically this state for financial gains at taxpayer expense.

I’m sure that I am not alone when I say that I am totally against one dollar of my tax money being spent on an illegal alien in this country or this state. The taxpayer money train for illegal aliens, for whatever use, needs to come to a stop immediately.

These actions are not the “paramount duty to fund education” as stated in this states constitution. It is very apparent to me that this state has a definition of “basic education” that cannot ever be fully funded and it will bankrupt this state. It is also very apparent that the majority of lawmakers are in full swing implementing the socialist education system that has of late come out of the closet called “Common Core.”

For any of you that are lost about Common Core, its agenda, and its specific intent, you need to do some research on the issue and determine if you want to continue on the failing education funding course you are on or stop funding education until it is actually reformed back into an education system.

In the meantime, all of you that are promoting this state's style of education, while violating laws to do it, disgust me. You should not be, in the most remote way, claiming to be representing the people of this state.

Larry L. Mann | Port Orchard


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